.Ultimate Guide to Commercial Propane Applications

Outdoor Living

Learn about the most in-demand outdoor living features that are fueled by propane.

Many of today’s homeowners are transforming their patios into fully furnished outdoor rooms, complete with propane-fueled kitchen appliances, dining areas, and open-air home theater systems. Outdoor spaces are also an eye-catching feature for restaurant and hospitality operators. Help your customers sort through their options for designing and furnishing their outdoor living space by learning about all of the propane-fueled amenities available, including propane patio heaters; pool and spa heaters; landscaping features such as fire pits, lighting, and outdoor fireplaces; and outdoor kitchens.


Expanding Outdoor Living: Using Propane for Efficient and Sustainable Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces can add just as much to a home’s overall comfort and resale value as its indoor features. No longer just a deck and a floodlight, a comfortable and fully functional outdoor living area today can include an array of kitchen appliances, pools and spas, sophisticated lighting, radiant heat, and more. In this course, learn more about using propane to create efficient, sustainable, and beautiful outdoor living areas.
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Innovations with Propane Gas for Outdoor Residential Use

A longtime patio companion, clean propane turns back yards into outdoor rooms. Beyond its most common uses as a heating source for grills, pools, and spas, there are many other outdoor residential uses for propane gas. In this course, discover the true versatility of this energy source in residential outdoor applications. You’ll find that environmentally safe propane can be used in almost every outdoor application to create one-of-a-kind spaces for your customers.
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Ultimate Guide to Commercial Propane Applications