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Online Courses

Know the answers to your clients' questions about building or remodeling with propane with free online training courses.

The Propane Training Academy provides architects, remodelers, and other construction professionals with free and easy-to-take AIA-, NAHB-, NARI-, and USGBC-approved continuing education courses on propane and its many applications, installation specifics, and products.

Enroll today to learn more about the economic, environmental, and efficiency benefits of building and remodeling with propane while fulfilling your professional training requirements.

Latest Courses

Introduction to Zero Net Energy Homes and Opportunities to Leverage High-Efficiency Propane Systems
Zero net energy (ZNE) is growing in popularity as homeowners seek to reduce their energy costs by lowering consumption. This course provides an overview of ZNE homes and how “zero” can be defined. It also explains the current ZNE housing market, design approaches, and opportunities for mixed-fuel home designs.

Analysis of Residential Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Several factors can impact a home’s energy use, including climate, occupant behavior, and the mechanical systems selected. The wide variety of contributing factors can make deciding where and when to invest in energy-efficient equipment tricky. This course explores whole-home energy efficiency considerations for detached single-family households.

Choosing to Live Off-Grid: Energy Generation and Fuel Choices
Whether it’s for energy independence or the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle, more people in recent years are opting to live off the grid. Installed and standby generators can help as they can work in combination with renewable energy sources. This course compares generator types and fuel options for off-grid living.

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The Ultimate Guide to Tankless Water Heaters Vol. 2
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