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Know the answers to your clients' questions about building or remodeling with propane with free online training courses.

The Propane Training Academy provides architects, remodelers, and other construction professionals with free, easy-to-take, AIA-, NAHB-, NARI-, and USGBC-approved continuing education courses on propane and its many applications, installation specifics, and products.

Enroll today to learn more about the economic, environmental, and efficiency benefits of building and remodeling with propane while fulfilling your professional training requirements.

Latest Courses

Propane as a Solution to Meeting Code and Above-Code Programs — Using High Efficiency Propane Systems as a Compliance Strategy
The 2015 IECC includes a new compliance path called the Energy Rating Index allowing builders more choices in how to meet the energy code. Builders can determine how to use propane to their maximum advantage under the ERI pathway by determining their homes’ Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index. In our new course, see how efficient propane equipment can help you improve a home's HERS score, meet requirements for the code, and gain points in green building programs.

Market Drivers, Code Requirements, and Fuel Options for Backup Power
Power outages in commercial buildings create enormous costs and hardships for business owners, tenants, and employees. For these reasons, many commercial buildings are incorporating backup power systems — some on a voluntary basis and others based on code requirements. In this course, backup power systems and specifically generators are explored to understand their background, their applications, and the benefits of different fuel sources.

Heating Oil Conversion: Exploring Propane As a Viable Alternative Energy Source
While heating oil has been a popular fuel choice for millions of consumers, especially in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic where other fuel types were often more difficult to acquire or were more expensive, it is not an environmentally conscious fuel choice. This course details economic and environmental reasons why switching from heating oil to propane is a good choice for homeowners, residential builders or remodelers.

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Ultimate Guide to Commercial Propane Applications
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