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Boiler Replacement

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Replacing an oil boiler with a new propane boiler provides major benefits in performance and efficiency. Make your customers aware of the options.

Homeowners and building owners with oil boilers may feel like they're stuck in an era of antiquated technology. But even customers without access to natural gas can reap the benefits of highly efficient gas boiler technology by switching to propane heat.

Propane boilers can offer efficiency levels of up to 96 percent AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency, a measure of heating efficiency) — levels that oil just can't match. They use condensing and modulating technologies to extract more heat per unit of fuel and set the heating level at just the right temperature.

The effect of these features on both heating costs and carbon emissions can be significant. Check out our Energy Cost and Carbon Calculator and enter details about your current heating system and energy costs to see how much you can save in your region.

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For instance, an inefficient, 2,400-square-foot home in Connecticut with an 18-year-old oil boiler could save $581 or 9.2 percent of their heating costs per year, along with reducing CO2 emissions by 6.2 tons — the equivalent of driving 14,762 miles in a car.

In addition to reducing a homeowner's or building owner's fuel costs and emissions, condensing and modulating propane boilers can improve comfort, as well. Since oil boilers operate at only one speed, they often overshoot a home's target temperature, and then allow it to swing several degrees below the target temperature before activating again. With smart controls, modulating boilers can provide steadier, more-even heat.

Converting a home's fuel source from oil to propane may not be as complicated as you or your homeowner think. A propane boiler can be easily integrated into an existing oil heating delivery system, so the time and initial cost of conversion can be significantly reduced. Propane and heating oil are both stored onsite, but only propane can be stored in a hidden underground tank. And unlike heating oil, propane can be used for other systems in your home, such as cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, and standby power generation. Propane also won't cause damage or contaminate groundwater the way oil can if it's spilled.

Continue your education about heating oil conversion by taking the Propane Training Academy's online course, "Heating Oil Conversion: Exploring Propane as a Viable Alternative Energy Source." In addition, the two-part video below takes viewers through the steps of converting an oil-fueled boiler system to one based on a high-efficiency propane boiler.

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