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The Interactive Training Module

Calculate costs, compare performance, find products, and more

The interactive tools below demonstrate the impressive energy savings, carbon reduction, and high performance that building with propane allows. For example, see how a fully equipped propane home performs on several metrics versus a standard home built to code. Or search for high-efficiency propane products. All the tools you'll find throughout this site are contained in the module below.

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Four tools in one

Click one of the buttons in the menu bar to launch a tool. There are currently four tools to choose from.

Virtual Buildings and Virtual Propane Homes: See how propane fits into commercial and residential projects

These two interactive modules take you inside a propane-fueled school, restaurant, hotel, and pharmacy, as well as a propane-fueld home, to show you the applications and considerations that owners and construction professionals should be familiar with for each type of building.

Virtual Propane Energy Pod Home: Get a visual overview and see the energy cost advantages of an all-propane home

Take a virtual tour of a fully equipped Propane Energy Pod home and see all the ways that propane can enhance residential energy efficiency, comfort, and performance. Use the calculator to see how a Pod home in your region of the country would stack up against a comparably equipped all-electric home.

Energy Calculator: See which space or water heating system is more efficient

This tool calculates how much it will cost a system running on propane, electricity, or heating oil to deliver the same amount of heat to a home, either for space heating or domestic hot water. It also calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emissions associated with the operation of that system.

Product Directory: Search for efficient propane products

From energy-saving water heaters to stylish appliances, propane products deliver the comfort and performance your homeowners want. Use this search tool to find products, related training courses, and new technologies.

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Home/ Research & Training/ The Interactive Training Module