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Community Propane Systems

Centralized propane distribution systems provide a flexible, scalable energy solution for neighborhoods with anywhere from a few homes to hundreds of homes.

For builders of all sizes propane’s versatility makes it an ideal energy solution. You can give homeowners the superior comfort, performance, and reliability of gas energy, even when building outside the natural gas main. And whether you’re building one house or a community with hundreds of homes, there’s a propane system to meet your needs.

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Community propane systems

Community propane systems are centralized gas systems that provide a scalable and flexible energy solution. The systems distribute propane gas through a network of underground pipes that connect to homes with individual gas meters. This makes them virtually identical to natural gas systems, but with the advantage of being able to be installed almost anywhere in the United States.

In addition to homes, community systems can also power other amenities such as standby generators, pools, clubhouses, and gas lamps. Providing gas energy in large developments is much easier with this type of versatility. This video provides a quick overview of community systems and how a central tank system can benefit your next development.

Rockwell Customs Infill SolutionIntroduction to Community Propane Systems

Benefits to builders

What’s in it for you? Community propane systems can help you:

  • Build a more attractive, more marketable community.
  • Meet green building standards with environmentally friendly energy and installation practices that minimize environmental impact.
  • Give customers the energy performance they want.
  • Create a scalable, convenient solution for an entire development.

Benefits to homeowners

Community propane systems are great for homeowners, too. Homeowners can have:

  • The comfort, performance, and efficiency of gas appliances.
  • No propane tanks in their yard.
  • Automatic delivery (usually out of sight of the home).
  • Individual meters, so they’ll only pay for energy as it’s used.

Installation and maintenance

A propane provider will work with you to design and install the central tank (or tanks) and piping system. These professionals know the federal and state regulations you must meet to ensure your community system is up to code. They will also typically monitor and refuel the central tank, as well as perform ongoing maintenance of the system. For both builders and residents, maintaining a community propane system is hands-off and worry-free.

Further training on this topic

To learn more about how commercial propane tanks provide on-site storage for projects of any size, take a look at our online training series. Available on our companion site, Propane Training Academy, each webinar course shows you how propane systems offer builders and developers the option to build with gas in any location or market.

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