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.Ultimate Guide to Commercial Propane Applications


Equipped with cutting-edge innovations such as moisture sensors, pilotless ignition, and timed drying cycles, propane clothes dryers are a smart investment for homes and buildings.

Propane clothes dryers offer an efficient, convenient, and quick laundry solution. Compared with electric dryers, a propane clothes dryer will dry clothes faster and more efficiently. Propane dryers also offer the latest innovations such as steam cycles to de-wrinkle and freshen garments, drum lights to better see into the unit, and LCD control screens for ease of use. With propane, "laundry day" goes by a lot faster.

Propane dryerFor more detailed information, download the propane clothes dryers fact sheet (pdf).


Commercial Cooking Fact SheetCheck out the commercial propane clothes dryers fact sheet (pdf).

Gas dryers can be set to run on propane or natural gas — just let the installer know which gas source you're using. New-home installations and existing-home replacements can both use flexible corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) gas lines. CSST lines are easily routed to the dryer location to expedite the installation.

Here are a few facts you should know about propane clothes dryers in homes:

  • The average cost to operate is roughly $80 to $170 per year.
  • Propane saves about 20 percent in energy costs annually compared with electric clothes dryers.
  • Available capacities range from 18,000 Btu per hour up to 30,000 Btu per hour, which translates into faster drying times.
  • They produce hot air with more moisture than electric dryers, which can help relax wrinkles. Moisture sensors prevent overdrying of clothes, which saves additional energy.
  • Over its life span, a propane clothes dryer saves over 2,000 pounds of CO2 emissions.

Commercial Dryers

Propane commercial dryers are available in a wide range of burner capacities, generally ranging from 18,000 Btu/h to well over 550,000 Btu/h for inputs. Many dryers come equipped with perforated drums that allow for more balanced airflow, and recirculating air design helps reduce gas usage while promoting faster drying times. Pilotless ignition also helps save energy.

Operators of commercial laundry equipment are highly exposed to energy costs given the capacity and frequency of equipment use. With increasing use, the cost savings of propane clothes dryers compared with electric units becomes considerable. Propane also has the clear advantage in emission rates when compared with electricity. This is driven in large part by a large portion of the nation’s electricity being generated in coal-fired power plants that have a heavy carbon footprint.

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