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Commercial Applications

You need a reliable energy source to ensure ongoing comfort and safety in your commercial buildings. Propane is always there, no matter where your where property is located.

Propane systems offer the versatility and dependable performance you need in your commercial buildings. Just like natural gas, propane fuels high-performance amenities that maximize your building's value and protect your bottom line. And with propane standby generators, you can be confident your building won’t let anyone down, because propane doesn't degrade over time like diesel. Take a look at the resources below to see how propane lets you build anywhere, without sacrifices.

Commercial Propane Resources


See for yourself

Explore our interactive Virtual Buildings tool below to see all the applications and amenities that are right for your specific building type.

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For Commercial Building Professionals

Building owners

You bear the ultimate responsibility for your building's performance. Whether you're acquiring, renovating, or constructing a new project, you want to ensure your building has the right amenities to maximize its value and cost-efficient operation to protect your bottom line. Propane meets your project's needs on both counts, and we have the resources and research to make you confident in your decision.


Your clients are demanding informed recommendations on building and energy systems that maximize the value of their projects. You need to know about the latest technologies for energy-efficient space heating and water heating, amenities like gas cooking and outdoor living, and energy systems that are dependable and safe. Exploring our resources and the training available at the Propane Training Academy can give you the right answers to your clients' questions.


You need to help your construction team understand the financial and practical implications of any energy decision. Propane is a clean energy choice that can help your project team slash a building's energy costs while delivering performance and comfort in a variety of building types. We have the tools and resources you need to calculate energy costs and analyze the energy decision.

Builders and general contractors

Your project team is counting on you to be up to date on how the latest propane technologies fit into your buildings. The Build with Propane Guide: Commercial Edition is designed to help you learn more about propane's environmental and energy efficiency benefits and provide you with the information you need to make the smart energy choice. Whether your challenge is providing top-notch appliances and amenities or recommending a heating system that keeps energy costs low, building with propane provides a solution that meets your needs.

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