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Showdown: Propane vs. all-electric homes

How do propane home systems stack up against electric appliances? We delved into the research to help you decide.

For each of the home's key systems, choosing propane provides distinct advantages in performance, comfort, or efficiency. But when you choose propane for all of those systems — an approach known as the Propane Energy Pod — you can maximize the benefits in your homes, making them more valuable and satisfying for your customers. See the difference in the infographic below.

 Propane Energy Infographic

Here are nine of the most important factors to consider when comparing propane and electric homes. (Builder statistics are gathered from surveys of participants in the Propane Energy Pod Builder Incentive Program.)

  1. Space Heating. Propane furnaces and boilers provide comfortable, consistent heat on even the coldest days. Electric heat pumps can deliver uncomfortably cool air for up to 65% of the heating season!
  2. Energy Efficiency. 79% of Propane Energy Pod builders say energy efficiency was an influential factor in choosing propane appliances.
  3. Water Heating. Propane tankless water heaters never run out of hot water, and they can offer more than $150 per year in savings compared with typical electric storage water heaters.
  4. Higher Home Value. Pod builders estimate that a Propane Energy Pod home will have, on average, a 7% higher sale price than a home with electric appliances or a mix of fuel types.
  5. Cooking. Propane ranges offer instant, precise control and unlimited settings from simmering to searing, compared with just 10 discrete heat levels found on most electric cooking surfaces.
  6. Easy to Install. 82% of Pod builders say propane-fueled appliances were easy or very easy to install, and 93% use their regular subcontractors.
  7. Clothes Drying. Propane dryers save about 20% in energy costs annually compared with electric clothes dryers.
  8. Fireplaces. In addition to efficiency ratings up to 91%, propane fireplaces offer the joy of a real fire with none of the hassles of gathering wood or shoveling ashes.
  9. Incentives. Home built with the Propane Energy Pod are eligible for a builder incentive up to $1,500 per home (and $7,500 per year)!
Hundreds of builders across the country are using the Propane Energy Pod Builder Incentive Program. Are you? Visit the incentive page to see if you qualify and apply online.


Ultimate Guide to Commercial Propane Applications
Home/ News & Incentives/ Showdown Propane vs all electric homes