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Application for Enrollment

Complete the form below to enroll in the Propane Construction Incentive Program

The Propane Construction Incentive Program is a research initiative that seeks to gather relevant, useful data about the operation of propane equipment in real-world use conditions. For more information about the program, please view our program guidelines page. To ask questions about the program, please call 202-452-8975 or email us.

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Please indicate the program incentive amount that you are applying for and where the Pod home will be built. You are limited to five incentives per year, per state (maximum 10 incentives per builder or remodeler).


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If you are applying for more than one property, please list them below. Be sure to indicate the incentive amount you're applying for and provide all the information requested above. Remember, you are limited to five incentives per year, per state.

  • I am a builder or remodeler operating within the United States.
  • I am at least 18 years of age.
  • The homes for which I am applying will be built or remodeled in the current calendar year.