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Factory visit: Rinnai tankless water heaters

The Building Science series visits Rinnai to learn more about the design and engineering innovations behind their on-demand water heating products.

The Building Science video series, which spotlights unique products and companies in the building industry, recently visited Rinnai's factory in Peachtree City, Georgia, to meet the team behind their innovative water heating products. The first episode takes an in-depth look at Rinnai's tankless rack system, which brings the efficiency of on-demand water heating to commercial applications. The second episode highlights the Demand Duo System, a commercial hybrid water heating system that combines a storage tank with a tankless water heater. And the final episode explores the forethought and building science that takes place behind the scenes at Rinnai. Check out the videos in the slideshow below.

Building Science: Tankless Water HeatersBuilding Science: Demand Duo SystemBuilding Science: Rinnai's Quality Assurance

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Home/ News & Incentives/ Factory visit Rinnai tankless water heaters