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Construction firms double down on demand

With the potential for today's strong market to be stalled by a downturn in the coming years, honing your competitive edge is key.

High interest rates, rising material prices, and global trade uncertainty, along with the continued labor shortage in the building trades and related sectors such as trucking, have construction leaders wary, according to two recent industry reports analyzed by Construction Dive. One of those reports, Construction Executive’s mid-year economic outlook, noted that construction companies nonetheless expect strong demand through the end of 2018 and into 2019, with the potential for a downturn the year or two after.

With the current market headwinds, making the most of that demand will require companies to sharpen their competitive edge. Learn how propane can help by bringing high-performance amenities to areas where natural gas is not available, with applications including efficient space and water heating, professional cooking, and even standby power.

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Home/ News & Incentives/ Construction firms double down on demand