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Condensing furnace sales on the rise

Comfort, as much as energy savings, is driving an uptick in higher-efficiency condensing furnaces.

Condensing propane or natural gas furnaces offer an efficiency boost over noncondensing units, but it's the comfort benefits they offer that are driving increased popularity, reports Joanna Turpin in ACHR News. Condensing furnaces achieve annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) levels above 90 percent by capturing additional heat from combustion gasses. But they also frequently employ features such as modulating gas valves to heat homes more steadily and comfortably. Although more growth is occurring in the replacement market, demand is likely to pick up in new construction as well, Nathan Behne, product specialist for Lennox, says in the article. "Once builders recognize homeowners' appetites for high-efficiency furnaces in their homes, the new construction sector will begin to see increased sales volume in the high-efficiency condensing furnace category."

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Home/ News & Incentives/ Condensing furnace sales on the rise