Outdoor Heating Innovations with Propane

With more homeowners looking to spend much of the year outdoors, propane's innovative outdoor heating applications will keep your customers comfortable in their outdoor living spaces throughout the cooler months. More and more homeowners are turning to propane to make their dreams of an outdoor living area a reality.

A study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) indicates that one of the fastest growing upscale outdoor applications is the outdoor fireplace or fire pit. A survey conducted by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) confirms the NAHB's results. Nearly one-quarter of homeowners surveyed said they already have a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or chiminea.

Installing a propane-fueled outdoor fireplace is a natural choice. With a touch of a button or a click of a remote, the fireplace is quickly lit, offering the homeowner convenience and comfort in their outdoor space. Aesthetic choices for these fireplaces are increasing, too, improving the look of the outdoor living room and adding value to the house. Manufacturers now offer styles from rustic to contemporary with custom finishes that blend with outdoor decor. In-wall fire-effects units are perfect for the modern or contemporary home and instantly lend style and ambient light to any outdoor room.

Homeowners can also install propane fire pits if there isn't space or demand for a fireplace. These will not only keep the customer warm on cooler summer and brisk late autumn nights, but they also create a beautiful focal point and provide an additional space for outdoor cooking.

Propane space heaters provide warmth to outdoor living areas when the weather turns cold. Not only do these space heaters keep a cool outdoor area cozy, but they are also incredibly efficient. Propane outdoor space heaters are, according to manufacturer's data, 99.9% efficient. The latest propane patio heaters come to life with the click of a remote control. A typical heater produces 40,000 to 60,000 Btu of heat, has a high and low setting, and warms up a 10-by-10-foot area.
Infrared models produce heat through infrared rays that heat the objects they hit and then radiate from there. It is a very efficient way of heating in the outdoors. Some infrared heaters hang from a wall or the ceiling of a porch or overhang, freeing up seating space. The newest heaters go beyond basic, with built-in cocktail tables, decorative finishes, and stylish covers for the propane cylinder. Some feature wicker or wood tank covers that match patio furniture.

For year-round patio floor comfort, install in-floor radiant heating in patio areas. With radiant heating, patio surfaces by the pool or near the outdoor kitchen will be warm under bare feet even when the sun isn't shining. This application can also be installed beneath driveways and sidewalks to keep pathways free of snow in the winter.

Customers who live in more temperate climates may wish to extend their pool's season a little longer. Utilizing a propane pool heater (which can be installed in a nearby shed or garage) can provide an energy-efficient, quick-response pool heating option. The same propane system can be used to heat hot tubs or spas.

For more information on using propane in an outdoor space, click here.

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