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Generac's new LP3250 is truly portable.

The most revolutionary thing about Generac's new portable propane generator is that it's, well, truly portable.

"Before we came up with this model," says Bob Heller, Generac's director of business development, "if you Googled 'propane' and 'portable generator' you'd come up with a number of products that were far from portable. You'd see [photos of] a frame-mounted generator sitting next to a 20-pound propane cylinder. Any fool could look at those pictures and see that to move the generator from Point A to Point B would take two trips."

Generac solved the problem by incorporating a tank holder into the frame itself, so the 20- or 30-pound propane tank sits securely out of the way. The LP3250, first introduced to the market six months ago, eliminates the hassle of moving a stand-alone tank and managing the fuel line that goes along with it.

Another plus: Propane is more stable than other generator fuels, such as gasoline, so it can be stored longer.

"The huge advantage of propane over gasoline is that propane doesn't go stale," says Heller. "Anyone who uses a portable generator in an emergency wants to know that when you need it it's going to work. A propane generator also makes for safer refueling."

You can see product specifications for the LP3250 in our Product Directory. For more information on propane for power generation, and to take a free online training course on this topic, go to the Propane Training Academy's power generation topic page.

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