Propane Products and Appliances Directory Expands

More categories, more products, and more resources highlight the diverse world of propane applications.

Originally released in 2010, the Propane Products and Appliances Directory has been a popular destination on — and other sites where the interactive tool has been deployed. It has recently been expanded to include more categories, products, and resources.

The directory added three categories: clothes dryers, vehicles, and tanks.

The dryers category comprises propane clothes dryers. An often overlooked upgrade, propane clothes dryers deliver heat efficiently, drying clothes more quickly than a comparable electric model.

The vehicles category contains only on-road vehicles, such as trucks, vans, and buses. Although capable of running on propane, off-road vehicles such as forklifts and lawn mowers were not included in this version of the tool.

The tanks category includes examples of the types of tanks construction professionals can expect to encounter in the field. The actual selection, installation, and service of tanks are handled by the local propane company.

In addition to a building a deeper catalog of products, the tool now allows users to filter search results by efficiency range for products commonly measured by an efficiency rating, such as heating equipment.

Users can learn more about product categories by clicking the training tab at the top of each product page. Training resources include background on the manufacturer, a list of training courses, and, if available, videos demonstrating the installation of a typical product within the category.

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