Propane Energy Pod Is a Blueprint for Energy Savings and Environmental Benefits at a 553-Home Pennsylvania Community

A developer helps builders take the Propane Energy Pod model to a grand scale.

When Bill Reiser of Reiser Land & Development learned that the parcel of land he was developing in Doylestown, Pa., did not receive natural-gas service, he began to consider the viability of a community-wide propane system. But going with propane would mean that his builder partners would have to understand the benefits of a propane community — and be able to promote those advantages to potential buyers.

Photo courtesy of Cornell Homes
A rendering of some of Cornell Homes' townhouses at the Overlook at Carriage Hill

Ted West, with local propane provider Liberty Propane, helped Reiser explain to his builders how propane homes outperform those heated by oil or electricity, especially when they follow the Propane Energy Pod model.

"I met with representatives from the two builders [Cornell Homes and NVHomes] on behalf of the developer," West says. "I explained how the Propane Energy Pod treats the key heating applications in a home — space and water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes drying — as a single package'." In other words, the builders would be able to construct energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive homes and explain the benefits simply and clearly to customers.

"All of our homes are Energy Star certified, and minimizing our customers' monthly utility bills is a big focus for us," says Greg Lingo, owner of Media, Pa.-based Cornell Homes. "Propane dovetails into that really well. Another focus is environmental: Today's homebuyers want to feel good about their purchase and know that they've reduced their carbon footprint as best they can. Again, propane falls right into that."

In addition to the Propane Energy Pod's five applications, each of the 553 units at the Overlook at Carriage Hill will also be built with grill hookups.

Cornell Homes' sales team, well versed in the benefits of propane, has already sold 30 townhomes, months before the model home will be finished. Construction recently began on the first 17 units.

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Propane Energy Pod Benefits New Community in Pennsylvania
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