The Greater Outdoors: Propane Products That Bring Comfort Outside

According to Laneventure's Home Lifestyle Report, two-thirds of respondents believe that a home's outdoor space represents almost 30 percent of the total value of the property. With more homeowners looking to increase the retail and personal value of their homes, many are turning their patios, decks, and backyards into sumptuous outdoor retreats. More and more homeowners are turning to propane to make their dream outdoor living area a reality. These innovative propane-fueled outdoor applications will keep customers comfortable in their outdoor living spaces throughout the year.

Mosquito insect Trap DCS Freestanding Stainless Steel Liquid Propane Patio Heater
Propane-fueled patio heaters like the DCS Freestanding Stainless Steel Liquid Propane Patio Heater provide heat for up to a 20-foot radius and can raise the outdoor air temperature by 20 degrees Fahrenheit, making outdoor living comfortable even in cooler months. With a 40,000 Btu burner system, this patio heater is as powerful as it is efficient—about 99.9 percent according to the manufacturer's data. This rolling model also makes it easier to deliver heat to where it is needed.
Pool and Spa Heater Lochinvar EnergyRite Pool and Spa Heater 150k BTU
Pool and spa heaters burn propane in a combustion chamber and the heat is transferred to the water to maintain higher water temperatures regardless of the weather. Models like this one are thermostat controlled and can heat water 88 percent faster than similar heaters. This speed, the manufacturer says, is the fastest pool heat-up time in the industry. The system has a commercial grade heat exchanger, an advanced combustion system, and indoor or outdoor venting options. The manufacturer reports that the Lochinvar EnergyRite adheres to strict environmental standards and produces nitrogen oxide emissions of less than 20 pounds per minute.
Propane Slate Firepit Power Trap Plus Mosquito Insect Trap
Nothing can ruin a quiet evening by the pool or by the grill quite like mosquitoes. Not only are they annoying, but mosquitoes can potentially be dangerous, transmitting infectious diseases like the West Nile Virus. Propane-fueled mosquito traps like the Power Trap Plus keep you protected. With an acre radius, this mosquito trap uses propane gas, air, blue LED lights and octenol (a by-product of human respiration) to lure mosquitoes to the unit while a high-powered vacuum sucks the pests into a removable catch tray where they dehydrate and die, leaving patios and pools free of pests. Flameless technology makes this product a must-have for well-used outdoor living areas.
Outdoor Kitchen Island

Outdoor Kitchen Island by Bull
Well-equipped, propane-fueled outdoor kitchen islands like this model by Bull are in demand among consumers. Homeowners want to have the option of creating extravagant meals while enjoying their outdoor entertaining area. Simple hamburgers and hotdogs at a picnic table are being replaced by elegant, five-star dishes. Bull's kitchen island features a drop-in ice chest, propane-fueled grill and burners, warmers, and a stone countertop.

Patio Heater Desert Canyon Propane Slate Firepit
Homeowners can also install outdoor, propane-fueled fireplaces or fire pits to keep the chill away on cooler nights. Not only will firepits like this Desert Canyon Propane Firepit keep you warm on cool nights, but they also help to create a beautiful outdoor focal point. Guests will love gathering around this earth-gauged, natural slate pit and homeowners will love the convenience, small portable size, and easy-to-assemble propane connection.

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