Outdoor Beds and Baths?

Outdoor uses of propane you may not have considered.

While outdoor kitchens are familiar items on any outdoor living "wish list," bathrooms and even bedrooms have their place in the great outdoors. Installing an outdoor bathroom may seem like a luxury reserved for a resort hotel, but it does have very practical applications for homes. Poolside showers fulfill many requirements, offering privacy for rinsing off after swimming and saving the interior of the homes from dirty feet and chlorine. Plus, they take great advantage of the propane energy already available in the home.

Costs for a freestanding outdoor bathroom are dramatically lower than an interior bath. Because most bathroom materials, like fixtures and tiles, are already water-resistant, no special outdoor materials are typically required. Savings can also be realized because open-air bathrooms require no ventilation or HVAC. A small tankless water heater can handle the hot water needs in a tiny profile.

To make sure that only homeowners and guests enjoy the outdoor shower, install propane-fueled mosquito eliminators. A single unit can protect up to an acre of land using a remarkably effective design that turns propane into carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture—the major attractants for mosquitoes. The mosquitoes fly toward the eliminator, die, and are vacuumed into a net.

While sleeping outdoors may conjure up images of tents and sleeping bags, the modern outdoor bedroom can be a sleek and stylish space. Upscale innovative furniture like freestanding canopy beds feature weather-resistant materials and offer a tranquil and stylish sanctuary. Finish these luxurious spaces with a dramatic lighting scheme. Propane does a beautiful job of lighting entryways, walkways, driveways, or "ceilings" of an outdoor great room. Many lamps are energy saving, with solar-activated valve controls that automatically reduce gas flow during daylight hours; some models can be operated with an on/off switch or a timer just like electric lights. Permanently installed propane lamps can be fueled by the home's propane storage tank, while smaller lanterns typically used for landscape and recreational lighting are usually connected to portable propane cylinders.

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Outdoor Beds and Baths?


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