Three Training Courses Available in Offline Format

Users can download and retain courses for future reference

The Propane Training Academy now offers print-ready PDF versions of three courses:

Unlike the typical webinar-based format, a PDF document allows users to print and study a course away from their computers. Users can also forward a PDF file to colleagues who they believe would benefit from the course or retain copies for later reference. Completing the course for credit still requires users to pass the quiz, which they can take only online.

The first of the three courses listed above, Community Propane Systems, covers the advantages of designing and building residential developments with propane instead of other energy sources. The course also covers installation requirements and environmental profile of propane systems.

The second course, Propane Gas Underground Systems, describes what builders can expect when their local propane company sizes and installs a propane tank. The course also explains why some tanks are buried underground while others remain aboveground.

The third course, Propane-Enhanced Solar Water Heating, is for construction professionals designing and implementing solar water heating systems, which usually require a backup heating element that uses a nonrenewable energy source, such as electricity or propane. The course examines the strengths and weaknesses of various backup options but recommends propane tankless water heaters for their ease of installation, energy efficiency, and performance.

To download and view the PDF versions of these courses, follow the links above to the course pages. Once there, click the PDF link to view instructions for accessing the file. As usual, those new to the Propane Training Academy will be asked to create a user account.

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Three Training Courses Available in Offline Format


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