New Online Product Directory Connects Construction Professionals with Propane Appliances, Training Opportunities

WASHINGTON (July 8, 2010)—The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) recently launched a new online product directory, offering construction professionals a one-stop-shop for information on a wide range of propane appliances. The directory serves as an extension of comprehensive training programs from PERC that equip construction professionals with the product information needed to transform their knowledge into successful installations.

With products and appliances from more than 25 manufacturers, the easy-to-use directory features information on propane products, related training courses, installation and application resources, and new technology. Product categories include water heaters, hearth products, generators, kitchen and laundry appliances, furnaces and boilers, and outdoor products.

"The Propane Council is committed to helping construction professionals sharpen their competitive edge by providing them practical solutions and information on new, innovative propane technologies," says Tracy Burleson, director of residential programs for PERC. "The resources provided by PERC, including the new online product directory, represent the key ingredients for more energy-efficient homes, comfortable outdoor living spaces, and ultimately satisfied homeowners."

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