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Our redesigned website is committed to bringing you relevant information on propane building projects, products, and tax credits.

As part of that commitment, the site now features a free 28-page, downloadable Propane Planner for construction professionals that describes propane's various applications and installation processes. It is designed to help deepen your understanding of how to use propane in your next job.

Some of the highlights of the Propane Planner include:

  1. The Benefits of Propane
    From the convenience and availability of propane to its low carbon dioxide emissions, this section highlights the advantages of building with propane when compared with other fuel resources.
  2. Green Building Standards
    Learn how propane can fit into your next green building project and help you earn points towards the National Green Building Standards' certification program.
  3. Tank Placement
    In this step-by-step installation section, learn how tank size is determined at a site, where tanks should be placed, how to get the right permit for your property, how a tank is installed, and discover where regulators should be placed.
  4. Propane Appliances
    Innovative products like propane-fueled tankless water heaters, hydronic radiant heating systems, clothes dryers, and standby generators are dissected and detailed here. This section also describes how these propane appliances can help lower your customers' energy bills.
  5. Tax Credits
    See how building with propane can pay you back in federal tax credits or local propane association rebates.

Click here to download and view the Propane Planner. [Editor's Note: The Propane Planner is now called the Build with Propane Guide. Please use the link in the box on the right side of this web page to access the resource.]

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Get Your Propane Planner Today


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