GeneratorsThey protect appliances, provide insurance against power disruption — and they're as quiet as a normal conversation.

In the past 10 years, the demand for electricity has increased exponentially due to population growth and the increased use of power-thirsty devices such as computers and flat-screen TVs. For homeowners in many areas, this has resulted in electrical service outages that disrupt home comfort. While most of these outages last 20 to 30 minutes, a J.D. Power and Associates study put the average extended power outage at eight hours.

A standby generator can ensure a homeowner's quality of life by keeping the electricity flowing in the event of a power failure that results from either a standard service disruption or a natural disaster, such as a storm. A standby generator can even serve as a primary energy source for homes built off the main. Cogeneration units are now available that produce heat in addition to electricity.

Propane standby generators are housed outside, usually adjacent to a carport or other non-living space. Often air-cooled, they draw energy from the home's propane storage tank.

Premium generator sets are designed to work in tandem with off-grid renewable energy power generation technology. Energy-efficient propane generator sets can be easily combined with solar, wind, or other renewable energy resources to create reliable, environmentally friendly hybrid energy systems for residential and commercial off-grid applications. Financial incentives for these systems are available for construction professionals and their clients. Learn more about propane rebates and incentives

In addition to installed generators for homeowner use, portable generators fueled by propane are an ideal source of power on the jobsite for framers, finishers, and other trades that rely heavily on power tools.

Learn more about the sizing, selection, and installation of propane standby generators, as well as other topics regarding propane for power generation, by taking one of the free online training courses at the

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