Course: Backup Power for Commercial Buildings


For schools and religious buildings, where comfort is at a premium but operating costs are kept under tight control, propane is a smart energy choice.

School administrators and religious leaders have enough to worry about with busy weekly schedules, large groups in attendance, and ever-tightening budgets. The last thing they need is to worry about the reliability —or the cost — of their heating. Schools and religious buildings heated with propane can drastically cut down on their utility bills while utilizing trustworthy systems that ensure the heating won't fail at an inopportune time.

Space heating

Propane Boiler conversionThis case study highlights a Maine YMCA's energy-saving boiler conversion (pdf).
Boiler Replacement for Institutional Case StudyCase Study: Sanford School District runs on propane (pdf).

Propane-fueled space heating can heat a building in a hurry — a key attribute for buildings such as schools and religious buildings that cycle through both occupied and inactive periods. Propane furnaces are available with top-notch energy efficiency and the industry's most innovative technologies, and because they run on a reliable supply of on-site propane, institutions never need to worry about an outage.

Renewable-backup power

As energy and utility costs increase, an increasing number of institutions are looking at renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics and solar water heating to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. Backup tankless water heaters and standby generators fueled by propane are an effective way to utilize renewable energy while ensuring the building maintains the same performance and service expectations.

Fed up with Sanford High School's old, inefficient oil boilers, the Sanford School District made the switch to high-efficiency boilers fueled by propane. Together with the district's new fleet of propane-fueled school buses, the new heating system is providing cleaner, more efficient, and less costly energy performance.
propane case studyCase Study: Middle school saves $9,000/year with propane boilers (pdf).

Remote tank monitoring

Remote tank monitoring is another way institutions can ensure their propane supply is reliable and uninterrupted. These smart monitoring devices allow propane companies to track their customers' tank levels and average usage to ensure they schedule propane deliveries when needed. And many of today's advanced monitoring systems can also integrate with other smart devices in the building to allow facilities managers to track their building's propane usage.


Whether you're baking, grilling, frying, or heating, propane-fueled cooking appliances provide all of the professional equipment your cafeteria or kitchen needs. Propane cooktops provide better heat control and more-even heat distribution than electric. Instant-on burners allow cooking to start right away, without having to wait for a burner to heat up. They also cool more quickly, preventing overcooking and improving safety.


Choosing a propane-fueled commercial mower for your landscaping needs is a smart decision, both financially and environmentally. Propane is generally more cost-effective than gasoline or diesel, so propane mowers can provide cost savings by reducing fuel consumption. Propane is also cleaner, reducing greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions by 50 percent. And propane's clean emissions help improve engine longevity, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Find more information about propane mower incentives at

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Course: Backup Power for Commercial Buildings