.Ultimate Guide to Commercial Propane Applications


Building your hospitality project with propane is a smart choice to provide thrilling amenities to guests while minimizing operating costs.

Case Study: A hunting lodge’s invaluable propane boiler retrofitCase Study: A hunting lodge’s invaluable propane boiler retrofit (pdf).
Jay Peak Case StudyCase Study: Powerful propane heating for Jay Peak’s water park (pdf).

For hotel and resort operators, the two-prong path to profitability is simple: keep operating costs under control, and keep customers coming back time after time. Building hospitality buildings with propane provides an opportunity to offer delightful amenities that turn your guests into regulars. And it fuels the energy-efficient appliances that keep your utility bills low and your guests comfortable and satisfied.

Outdoor living

Rustic outdoor lighting and propane-fueled flame features can give your destination a unique look that your guests won't forget. Outdoor lighting, available in portable and post-mounted styles, combines old-world charm with modern energy efficiency. Fire pits, hearths, and decorative flame features provide a cozy amenity and gathering place to highlight an outdoor courtyard or patio. And propane-fueled patio heaters extend the outdoor living season by raising the outdoor air temperature as much as 30 degrees.

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Snow melting

Radiant snow-melting systems installed on stairs, walkways, and driveways provide resorts with a truly spectacular amenity: dominion over the weather. Powered by versatile propane-fueled hydronic heating systems, snow-melting systems provide an intelligent alternative to manual snow removal for buildings located in areas that receive significant snowfall. They can provide fully automatic and unattended snow and ice removal whenever required while minimizing the costs of sanding, salting, and pavement repair — not to mention slips, falls, and vehicular accidents.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

CHP systems are a proven commercial technology that can slash utility bills for hotels and resorts. These systems use a propane or natural gas generator to create electricity that powers the building. Simultaneously, the heat from the engine is captured and used to create hot water, further reducing energy costs. Because of their year-round hot water loads for laundry, pool heating, guestrooms, radiant heating, and more, hospitality buildings are an ideal candidate to utilize this rapidly growing technology.


Large-scale laundry systems can be energy hogs. That means choosing energy-efficient options for linen dryers and for heating water in washers can provide significant savings. Propane clothes and linen dryers provide the same modern features as their electrical counterparts, while improving drying speed and energy efficiency. And using energy-efficient propane water heating systems will ensure your washers don't put a larger strain on your operating budget.

Renewable-backup power

The Ultimate Guide to Standby Power GenerationDownload the Ultimate Guide to Standby Power Generation (pdf)

An increasing number of hotels and resorts are looking at renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics and solar water heating, to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, show off their sustainable sensibilities, or even operate off of the conventional power grid. Backup tankless water heaters and standby generators fueled by propane are an effective way to utilize renewable energy while ensuring the building maintains the same performance and service expectations.


Converting your facility's shuttle and maintenance truck fleet to propane autogas is a smart way to trim your operating budget. For more than 30 years, propane autogas has cost, on average, 30 percent less than gasoline. Further, propane autogas burns cleaner than gasoline and diesel, potentially resulting in reduced maintenance costs and a longer engine life. Bottom line? You could lower your fleet's operating costs by 40 to 50 percent by making the switch.

Underground tanks

Propane can fuel your resort, hotel, or development discreetly, almost invisibly, from underground tanks. A propane tank can be buried with minimal excavation costs, leaving only a small dome visible just inches above the ground. Whether through landscaping or tank burial, your local propane company can help you place propane tanks of any size in locations that won't affect curb appeal or your guests' experience.

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Ultimate Guide to Commercial Propane Applications