Reimagining Sustainability with Greenbuild

Shrimp, propane, and an idea that just might work

Tony Curtis decided to become a shrimp farmer the moment he tasted his first fresh shrimp. But cost-effectively outfitting a building to create the warm aquatic conditions needed to raise shrimp required smart decision-making on energy and building systems. Read more ▶

Reimagining sustainability in New Orleans

To ensure the Greenbuild LivingHome can withstand an extreme storm, it includes built-in hurricane screens to cover the windows, a 5-foot-high raised foundation capable of withstanding future floods, and a Kohler standby generator that kicks in to supply power in the event of an outage.

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Fire, water, and glass mix for fantastic flame features

As the popularity of fire features grows, the creativity customers want from these features is also expanding, with mixed mediums becoming increasingly prevalent. Using fire and water together has long been in vogue but has now evolved to more and more sophisticated applications.

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Gas heating is more comfortable — myth or fact?

It's a piece of industry lore that's virtually become conventional wisdom: Gas furnaces provide more comfortable heat in the winter than electric air source heat pumps (ASHPs).

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Escaping the oil boiler trap

Boiler technology has come a long way in the past 15 to 25 years. But when homeowners come to you needing to replace their old heating oil boilers, they may simply replace them with similar units, not realizing that there are more efficient options available.

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