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Why Hickory Construction specs tankless automatically

Hickory’s reputation relies on customer satisfaction, and that’s one reason the company specs propane or natural gas on almost every one of its projects.

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Black Magic in the Colorado mountains

For architects, limitations often serve as inspiration. So when Bryan May began work on Black Magic, a mountainside custom home halfway between Aspen and Snowmass Village in Colorado, the restrictive site felt more like an opportunity than a hindrance.

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Builder case studies

These videos profile builders with real-world experience using propane to please their customers and improve the value of their homes. From one builder to another, these pros deliver unvarnished straight talk on the benefits propane brings to their projects.

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Resort boosts business with propane-fueled water park

To keep its three hotels and popular water park cozy in the frigid winters of northern Vermont, Jay Peak Resort requires a high-performance heating system. Propane is versatile enough to work in the resort’s remote, rural location and powerful enough to fuel the high-efficiency boiler plant.

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Reliable power makes happy campers

For institutions and retreats like Camp Woodstock and Crossroads that consider a remote location to be a selling point rather than a turn-off, propane can play a unique role in offering high-efficiency heating systems and reliable power sources that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

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Grow your HVAC or plumbing Business with propane training
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