Propane Water Heaters

Propane Water HeatersPropane water heating options include technology that is on the cutting edge of energy efficiency, such as condensing tankless water heaters.

Want to know where your homeowner's energy costs are going? Just turn on the hot-water faucet. The Department of Energy estimates that approximately 20 percent of a home's energy costs are spent heating water. That's why helping your homeowner select an efficient water heater is critical — and propane fuels some of the most efficient tankless water heating technologies available.

Tankless Water Heaters

To learn more, check out our tankless water heaters fact sheet.

Propane tankless water heaters provide comfort, versatility, convenience, and efficiency. Here are a few facts you should know.

  • Tankless water heaters deliver an endless supply of water.
  • Their compact size saves roughly 12 square feet of floor space.

  • These systems are on-demand, so they heat water only when it's needed. That feature eliminates standby losses that occur in systems with hot water storage tanks — like the typical electric water heater.
  • They save more than $150 per year in energy costs compared with typical electric storage water heaters.
  • They have 50 to 60 percent lower CO2 emissions compared with electric storage tank systems.
  • Propane tankless systems also qualify for tax credits and rebates, which can make them even more cost-effective.

Storage Tank Water Heaters

To learn more, download our storage tank water heaters fact sheet.

Compact in size and equipped with leading features such as electronic ignition and highly insulated tanks, Energy Star–qualified propane storage tank water heaters offer superior value to comfort-seeking homeowners. Here are a few features you should know about.

  • A propane storage water heater delivers the same amount of hot water as an electric tank, which is much larger and takes up more space in the home.
  • Propane storage water heaters are eligible for Energy Star qualification, whereas electric resistance units and heating oil units are not.

  • Energy Star propane units save about 13 to 16 percent in annual energy costs over standard electric and heating oil units.
  • Propane storage tank water heaters offer CO2 emissions reductions of 1,900 pounds per year, compared with standard electric units.

Propane fuels a number of other innovative water heating technologies, such as hybrid/tankless solar hot-water systems and combination units that combine space heating and water heating. Learn more about today's water heating options and find out which system is right for your next project by checking out our comparative water heating research.

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