Application and Incentive Details

How to participate in the Propane Exceptional Product program.

Construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses interested in participating in the Propane Exceptional Product program must meet certain eligibility guidelines (PDF) and fill out an application (PDF) for enrollment. The Propane Education & Research Council recommends filing an application prior to purchasing any equipment. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until incentive resources are depleted. Eligibility does not guarantee that an application will be accepted.

The Generac EcoGen, the Marathon Ecopower CHP unit, and Yanmar's CP10WN must be purchased and used by a U.S. construction professional, homeowner, or business. The Generac EcoGen premium generator set is eligible, and approved users of the genset will receive a total of $1,000 in incentives. The unit must be used on site at a primary residence or full-time business; must be used in combination with a renewable energy system; and must log a minimum annual runtime of 400 hours.

Marathon's unit qualifies for a $5,000 incentive and must have a minimum annual runtime of 4,000 hours. Yanmar's system qualifies for a $10,000 incentive and must have a minimum annual runtime of 6,000 hours. Both must be used on site at a primary residence or full-time business.

Interested parties may purchase multiple technologies to maximize incentives. Only one unit of the same technology (e.g., one premium generator set) will be eligible for an incentive. The purchaser of eligible equipment may be eligible for a Propane Exceptional Product program incentive if he or she is not the end user of the product. The first portion of the incentive will be given to the person who provides a receipt for the equipment purchase; the second portion given to the person who submits the final survey.

The following chart shows the timing and distribution of incentives:

Propane Exceptional Product Program Incentives

PERC will review each application and determine whether the applicant meets all eligibility guidelines. Shortly thereafter, a PERC representative will notify the applicant of the decision. For questions about the Propane Exceptional Product program, visit or call 202-452-8975.

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Application and Incentive Details


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