Do you know the answers to these common propane questions?

How do you measure the efficiency of propane furnaces? How efficient should my furnace be? Builders and remodelers working on projects without access to natural gas should brush up on the answers to these nine heating questions to make sure they’re prepared for any questions clients may have.

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When the Propane Energy Pod Incentive is the obvious choice

At Saratoga Builders' Schuyler Pointe community, a 39-lot subdivision five miles east of Saratoga Springs, New York, four gas systems are 'no-brainers,' says partner Sam Palazzole: The stove, the HVAC, the fireplace, and the water heater. 

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Standing by for extreme weather, year-round

Storms, cold snaps, and the aging electrical grid fuel demand for propane backup power.

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Remodels are an ideal time to discuss water heating

If your homeowner is using an aging electric water heater, here are six reasons to consider switching to propane. Read more ▶

The 10 most cost-effective energy upgrades

A new study helps remodelers and home performance contractors prioritize needed home improvements.

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