New Course: A Propane Energy Pod Primer

A CEU course explains the benefits of a building strategy that treats five key energy uses as a whole-home energy package.

The concept behind the Propane Energy Pod is fairly simple. It's a model for new construction that treats five key energy uses in a home—space heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes drying—as the components of a whole-home energy package. But explaining how the concept leads to real-world energy savings and carbon reduction can be complicated.

That's why the Propane Education & Research Council has developed "An Energy & Environmental Analysis of Propane Energy Pod Homes." It draws on the latest research to explain the energy and environmental performance of two Propane Energy Pod prototype homes across different climate zones. The free, webinar-based course, which offers continuing-education credits for AIA and NAHB members, covers the general benefits of this building strategy; explains the methodology used for comparing the energy and environmental performance of energy pod homes versus "standard" homes; looks at the results of research on pod homes over standard homes; and reviews how homes built using this strategy can qualify for national, state, or local incentives.

"The Propane Energy Pod is an innovative way to approach the different building systems in a home by centering a number of applications around propane," says James Lyons, P.E., a research engineer with Newport Partners, the Davidsonville, Md., company that performed energy consumption and carbon emissions modeling and analysis for this course. "It lets builders and contractors tap into a suite of technologies that offers higher performance and energy efficiency as well as user benefits such as comfort and reliability."

Want to see how a Propane Energy Pod home measures up against a standard home? The Interactive Tool can estimate the annual energy cost, CO2 emissions, and approximate HERS Index of both prototype homes built in your area.

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New Course: A Propane Energy Pod Primer
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