Mobile App for Plumbers and Contractors

A.O. Smith's new app offers on-the-go product and warranty information.

While it may seem like smartphone apps are for only the gregarious (Facebook), the lost (Garmin), or the bored (Angry Birds), some in fact are useful on the job. A.O. Smith's new Warranty Check mobile phone application may be one of those apps. Designed specifically for contractors and plumbers, the app contains product details and warranty information for the manufacturer's residential and commercial water heaters.

"The iPhone and Android have created a huge demand for on-the-go information from homeowners and professionals," Matt Southards, senior manager of digital marketing and strategy for A.O. Smith, says. "We want to provide our plumbing professionals with easy access to critical information from remote locations."

A.O.Smith's new app, as seen on the Apple iPhone.

Apple's iOS and Google's Android are the most common smart-phone operating systems, with a combined user base of more than 65 million people in the United States. While the majority of apps are for consumers, apps for professionals with a specific, in-the-field need are becoming popular.

"If something makes my job a little easier and gives me the information I need as quickly as possible, it's definitely worth using," Petro Floros of Floros Plumbing & Heating in Melrose, Mass., says.

Doing a little more than expected to support contractors makes sense for heating equipment manufacturers, who have much to gain from market adoption of new products and technologies. In A.O. Smith's case, releasing a line of condensing tankless water heaters with 0.91 Energy Factor ratings won't mean much if contractors can't learn to install and maintain them easily.

To learn more about working with condensing tankless water heaters, check out the free training course, Condensing Tankless Water Heaters: Using Propane for the Most Efficient Water Heaters on the Market, now available at the Propane Training Academy.

Mobile App for Plumbers and Contractors
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