Reimagining Community Propane with Greenbuild

Tankless rack systems offer resilient water heating

Reliability is crucial in commercial water heating. So while using multiple propane tankless water heaters can offer building owners improved energy efficiency and lower the overall cost of ownership, the big selling point for many owners is certainty that they’ll always have hot water.

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Is this the final call for energy efficiency tax incentives?

Tax filing season is here, which means that business owners are looking for ways to ease their tax burden. For construction pros who build or remodel energy-efficient homes and buildings, a set of "tax extenders" passed by Congress at the end of 2014 could make the tax load a little lighter.

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Contractors will love these time-saving pipe technologies

Construction pros are no longer forced to choose a tankless unit that can only be vented one way. Rinnai's new Ultra Series tankless water heater models offer concentric and PVC/CPVC venting on the same unit, right out of the box.

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In Colorado, seclusion without sacrifice

Prospective home buyers often come to Andy Stauffer looking for their own private slice of Colorado. With propane, he can help his homeowners achieve that seclusion without giving up the amenities they could have in a more developed neighborhood.

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Are you ready for new water heater efficiency regulations?

New water heating standards from the DOE that go into effect this year are re-writing the price-point differential between electric and propane water heaters.

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