Propane Systems Incentives Program

Are you ready for new water heater efficiency regulations?

New water heating standards from the DOE that go into effect this year are re-writing the price-point differential between electric and propane water heaters.

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What makes this grilled cheese sandwich so tasty?

While Grafton Village Cheese’s bucolic location lacks easy access to natural gas, the company doesn’t have to sacrifice by paying exorbitant prices for energy. It was able to install low-emission propane boilers to heat and power the processes that turn high-quality milk into delicious aged cheddar.

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Kitchen appliances with culinary appeal

Advancements in technology are taking over the kitchen, and propane appliances are at the center of nearly every cooking innovation manufacturers have introduced in 2015. Chefs and home cooks alike continue to favor gas ranges because of how quickly and precisely they respond to heat settings.

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Halco lowers carbon emissions in homes and on the road

Halco is in the business of helping people reduce their energy cost and reduce their carbon footprint. So it’s fitting that the firm made an investment to upgrade its fleet with cleaner, cost-efficient service vehicles fueled by propane autogas.

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Builder case studies

These videos profile builders with real-world experience using propane to please their customers and improve the value of their homes. From one builder to another, these pros deliver unvarnished straight talk on the benefits propane brings to their projects. Read more ▶

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Versatile Propane Builder
American Range AR-10
Kitchen Products
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L.B. White TS170
Construction Equipment
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Kohler 20RESAL-100
Backup Power
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Napoleon GD80NT-1M
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Roush Ford F-250, 350
Outdoor Products
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