Reimagining Community Propane with Greenbuild

Are you ready for new water heater efficiency regulations?

New water heating standards from the DOE that go into effect this year are re-writing the price-point differential between electric and propane water heaters.

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Remote pool pavilion maximizes breathtaking landscape

The Story pool house, on a grassy plateau overlooking Texas Hill Country, is a dreamy getaway with a stunning backdrop. At its heart is a series of amenities fueled by propane, from the pool heater and domestic water heater to the grill and cooktop.

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Builder case studies

These videos profile builders with real-world experience using propane to please their customers and improve the value of their homes. From one builder to another, these pros deliver unvarnished straight talk on the benefits propane brings to their projects. Read more ▶

Putting the instant back in instantaneous water heaters

While the use of recirculation systems with tankless water heaters has previously been a niche application, a new integrated recirculation technology from Rinnai has the potential to bring tankless recirculation systems into the mainstream.

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Tankless rack systems offer resilient water heating

Reliability is crucial in commercial water heating. So while using multiple propane tankless water heaters can offer building owners improved energy efficiency and lower the overall cost of ownership, the big selling point for many owners is certainty that they’ll always have hot water.

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