Using propane for standby generators and CHP

Learn how backup generators and CHP systems can help protect your homes or buildings and even reduce operating costs.

A standby generator can ensure a homeowner’s quality of life by keeping the electricity flowing in the event of a power failure. And for building owners, standby power can be an essential feature to keep critical refrigeration or technology systems up and running. A standby generator can even serve as a primary energy source for homes or buildings built off the main grid. Newer CHP systems can efficiently produce heat in addition to electricity. Learn about all of the propane-fueled power generation options available in the following training courses.

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Choosing to Live Off-Grid: Energy Generation and Fuel Choices

Living off the grid has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Energy independence, pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle, moving away from the city, and economics are all cited as common reasons for choosing to live off-grid. Off-grid and standby generators can be used in combination with renewable energy sources for successful off-grid living. In this course, learn more about the types of generators and fuel choices available for off-grid living.
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Propane CHP Systems in Buildings: Technologies, Performance, and Applications

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide a very powerful technology for building owners, offering reliable, cost-effective, and efficient power, as well as an additional source of thermal energy for water heating and space heating. This course will describe CHP technologies, compare fuel options, and identify a variety of potential building applications.
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Living Off-Grid: Power Generation and Storage Basics

While the basic challenges of living off-grid haven’t changed, solutions to them have made the idea of getting away from it all much easier. Learn how you can help homeowners successfully and comfortably live away from natural gas and power lines, without sacrificing many of the creature comforts they expect in modern society.
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Specifying Propane Standby Generators: Installation and Value Considerations

In the last 10 years, the demand for electricity has increased exponentially due to population growth and the increased use of power-thirsty devices, such as computers and flat-screen TVs. For homeowners in many areas, this has resulted in electrical service outages that cause major disruptions. In this course, learn why many builders and homeowners are choosing to install propane standby generators and what to consider when selecting the best generator for the job.
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