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Latest Courses Propane CHP Systems in Buildings: Technologies, Performance, and Applications
Combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide a very powerful technology for building owners, offering reliable, cost-effective, and efficient power, as well as an additional source of thermal energy for water heating and space heating. This course will describe CHP technologies, compare fuel options, and identify a variety of potential building applications. See more
Propane Gas Water Heating Systems: Considerations for Commercial Applications
Today, a broad range of water heating systems fueled by propane can efficiently meet the hot water demands of large commercial buildings. Several innovative technologies also make propane an efficient, reliable, versatile, and environmentally friendly choice. This course will explore how propane is effectively used for water heating in a variety of commercial applications, including multifamily and lodging, commercial kitchens, pool heating, car washes, and laundry facilities. See more
A Comparative Analysis of Residential Heating Systems
In colder climates, space heating represents almost half of the annual energy costs for a residence, so selecting the right heating system for new construction or retrofits is an important decision. This course presents highlights and conclusions of a 2013 research study performed to identify the best residential heating system options based on several key variables. See more
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