Water Heater Selection Fact Sheet

High-efficiency boilers are changing commercial heating

Modern propane and gas boilers used for commercial space heating and water heating have been revolutionized over the past 15 to 20 years, shrinking in size and improving in efficiency. The changes are creating the opportunity for businesses to achieve significant energy bills savings.

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How Habitat for Humanity makes heating affordable

Habitat for Humanity’s clients don’t have a lot of extra room in their budgets for surprising spikes in their energy bills or unexpected maintenance. So for homes like the one that Habitat for Humanity 7 Rivers Maine is building in Brunswick, Maine, propane heating is an ideal fit.

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What’s next for homes heated by kerosene?

For many, upgrading to a similar wall furnace fueled by propane is a painless transition that offers improved comfort, reduced maintenance, and, potentially, lower fuel bills.

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Builder case studies

These videos profile builders with real-world experience using propane to please their customers and improve the value of their homes. From one builder to another, these pros deliver unvarnished straight talk on the benefits propane brings to their projects.

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Combi boilers offer pros two-in-one functionality

As builders and remodelers look for equipment that meets the growing demand for energy- and space-efficient homes, combi boilers can be a multifunctional option that meets both goals.

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Water Heater Regulations
American Range AR-10
Kitchen Products
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Allen Propane 436
Construction Equipment
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Napoleon PTH31GTSSP
Outdoor Products
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Briggs & Stratton 040304
Backup Power
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Empire DVD-36-FP50
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