Reimagining Community Propane with Greenbuild

Builder-friendly gas fireplaces go anywhere

Thanks to the latest designs and technology, today’s homeowners can cozy up to a fireplace anywhere from the living room to the bedroom. Propane fireplaces are becoming more builder-friendly, with slimmer profiles and venting advancements that allow them to be installed virtually anywhere.

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Eight questions developers should ask about energy

As you’re performing your due diligence for your next development, consider these eight questions. Depending on the answer, it may be time to speak with a propane retailer about a community propane system.

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Infographic: 8 tips for venting tankless water heaters

Don't let misconceptions about venting keep you from recommending a tankless water heater. Share this infographic with colleagues, clients, and your on-site team to make the most of this high-efficiency technology.

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Hybrid heating creates cozy, cost-saving synergy

Hybrid heating systems, which combine a heat pump with a propane or natural gas furnace, can be a savvy solution in cold or mixed climates. When the thermometer drops, a hybrid unit will automatically switch over to the high-efficiency propane furnace, which improves energy efficiency and comfort. Read more ▶

Five profitable tips for tankless water heater gas lines

While gas tankless units only need to run when hot water is needed, their gas usage must ramp up quickly when they’re meeting high demands for hot water. That means it’s vital for builders and installers to be aware of the proper procedures for installing the gas lines that supply the tankless unit. Read more ▶
Versatile Propane Builder
Bradford White TG-150E-X
Water Heaters
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Kohler 20RESAL-100
Backup Power
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Allen Propane 436
Construction Equipment
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Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus
Outdoor Products
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Viking V30G
Kitchen Products
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